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about to descend back into furry hell

"only people who throw away 'how' can be changing

people think dream is dream
but when we practice or try hard, dream will be come true
dont left dream as dream

Success's opposite meaning is not 'fail'
it is 'dont challenge it'
if u fail, do a frustration
after frustrationan, hard work again

what do u think of crisis
even if situation is already crisis, they dont know that is crisis
but worse than before is
even if people know that is crisis, they dont do anything

dont throw dream
makes dream as real

All nation can be win
Also korea do one's best"

what even is this website anymore
well since i havent been on here since a long fucking time ago...
ok i dont know where i was going with that so watevs later losers
I really wish I could go back to the treatment center right now... home is the last place I wanna be.